TEA & FRUITS is the first tea in the world with real fruits inside.  For each cup you have two bags: One bag of tea and one bag of mixed dried fruits.  Put the tea bag in your hot water cup, add the mixed fruits and you can enjoy drinking a fruity tea while eating yummy crunchy fruits inside.  We call it TEA and DESSERT in the SAME CUP.

The products are made in Thailand, the tea is English Breakfast Tea sourced from the mountains of Chiang Rai in northern Thailand.  The fruits are from Thailand, Europe and Turkey.  TEA & FRUITS is sold in most supermarkets in Thailand and exported worldwide.  Because this product line is so unique but plays in two leading categories (Dried Fruits and Tea) then supermarket buyers throughout the world want it on their shelves.

Tasty and Healthy can be friends

Tea its a healthy natural drink and fruits are healthy and natural as well. When drying the fruits the water evaporates but the Vitamins and minerals are kept vital and healthy. On the internal side of each box you can find a list of health and nutritional benefits of the tea and of the fruits inside.

Tea & fruits is a hot drink but it is also a tasty-healthy dessert to enjoy after a meal. It’s perfect for an afternoon tea-time, at office or home along the day or as a warm drink & snack during evening time.