About Us

Tea & Fruits was founded in Thailand by Ido Berger a former owner of Vita Foods -One of the largest food companies in Israel and a strategic partner of Rich Products corporation from Buffalo New-York. Rich’s is a global leader of Non-Dairy Toppings and sells the topping mostly to bakeries and hotels as a raw material for cakes & desserts. Ido & his team developed and manufactured branded lines of desserts based on Rich’s Non-Dairy toppings like cakes, desserts, mousses and a Rich’s branded ICE-CREAM manufactured by BEN & JERRIES. Rich’s retail brands were exported to markets around the world and won Prizes such as Sial D’OR -The world’s leading exhibition in Paris, France.

Now in Thailand -the land of fruits, we develop tasty, natural and healthy products and the first of which is the Tea & Fruits line.

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August 2014

TEA and fruits was launched in Thailand by Ido Berger in 2013 and in less than a year was present on the shelves of five of the seven leading supermarket chains in the country.